Geometry Club

I started Geometry Club in November 2014. The idea was to have a gallery of images that all shared a common theme. I had been playing with this triangular, worms-eye-view composition for a while whilst photographing buildings and made up little rules in my head.

1. Make sure the point is in the exact centre of the image (which was always a 1:1 ratio because of Instagram). 2. The sides of the building should then fall out of the frame, symmetrically.

I intended to only share my own shots but, when I ran out of content, I published the “rules” and opened it up for submissions. The response so far has been incredible. In its first year Geometry Club has featured 80+ photographs from more than 50 Instagrammers in over 20 countries.

Here’s a mesmerising video that Jackson Ainsworth [@king_katsu] put together of countless submissions.

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