Dave Mullen Jnr

New York City

I shot a bunch of video in New York on a recent visit with Maria (who’s in the film, a lot). I’ve had little experience with shooting and editing but wanted to give it a go, especially as i’d just bought a Canon 6D. I used my 50mm f1.8 lens throughout which gives it that nice shallow focus. I’ve since upgraded my 50mm lens to the f1.4 which is much sturdier and has a smoother manual focus ring.

I edited the video with Adobe Premiere Pro. I should’ve used a simpler program because all the tools and options are a bit overwhelming for a first-time user. It took a few tutorials to find my way around.

My idea was to make the video up of clips that lasted exactly 32 frames each (shot at 24 fps, each clip is 1.5 seconds long). I experimented with longer / shorter clips but 1.5 seconds seemed perfect. It gave the video a good pace without cutting between clips so fast that you can’t see what’s going on.

The song used is Daydream by Beach Fossils. There are a few reasons why this song works; it’s upbeat and energetic, the lyrics are relevent (to us) and the band are from Brooklyn which is where we spent most of our time.

Girl looking out of plane window at sunset wearing Tens sunglasses Street performer playing saxophone on a bench in central park View down a long street in the upper west side of Manhattan, New York City Girl taking photo with iPhone on The Highline in Manhattan A view from Brooklyn overlooking Manhattan featuring the underside of Brooklyn Bridge Reflection of a building in a puddle A view of the Empire State building framed by the arch of Manhattan Bridge taken from Washington Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn Looking down at feet walking over the wooden beams on Brooklyn Bridge symetrical photo looking up at the arches and wires of Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan bridge from the side with a clear blue sky above Intimate photograph of men playing and watching a checkers game at The Five Points in Chinatown, Manhattan Yellow flowers in a little wagon outside of a flower shop in Brooklyn A red sky at dusk overlooking Manhattan including the Empire State building and One World Trade Center. Photo taken from Top Of The Rock Four large bottles of cold brew iced coffee in a cafe Bike lanes across the Williamsburg Bridge at night Side view of a big red tow truck against a white brick wall in Williamsburg Close up of the flatiron building in Manhattan Long exposure of the Williamsburg Bridge at night from the river side A minimal look up at the steel facade of 250 World Trade Center