Dave Mullen Jnr
minimal desk setup for a designer featuring iMac, succulent plant, Wacom graphics tablet, and coffee cup.

What I use

A list of products, tools, and niceties that I use for work. I've only included things that I would whole-heartedly recommend.

Last updated: 27th Aug 2020




  • Canon 6D

    A solid and (relatively) affordable DSLR that hasn't let me down since ~2015.

  • Canon 24-105mm f/4 L lens

    A reliable and versatile lens for all occasions.

  • Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens

    My favourite prime lens (fixed focal length). The low f-stop makes for some gorgeous background blur. It's a great lens for video, too.


  • Herman Miller Aeron chair

    An incredibly comfortable and durable ergonomic desk chair. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, a priceless item!

  • Ugmonk Mousepad

    Beautifully minimal and hardwearing mousepad. I was aprehensive about buying this ($36 in 2015) but after years of daily use, it looks better than ever.


  • Sage Espresso Machine

    I love espresso-based coffee and this machine helps me make the perfect shot from home.

  • North Star Coffee Roasters

    Very tasty coffee roasted nearby (Leeds, UK). Their Ethiopian batches are sublime!

  • Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup

    A cool looking reusable coffee cup made from coffee husks. Sustainable, durable, and non-toxic. I've got the 6oz version in black.



  • Figma

    Design tool for prototyping websites and user-interfaces.

  • Notion

    I can't recommend Notion enough. This app consolidates my day-to-day task board, simple notes, and long-form writing. It's a joy to organise and really simple to find what i'm looking for. It's Trello, Sheets, Evernote etc, all rolled into one and looks 10x better.

  • VS Code

    My code editor of choice. Really happy with it. I use Dank Mono as the font.

  • Image Optim

    Really simple drag-and-drop image compression.



    A fast, free, and private DNS for your phone, made by Cloudflare.

  • Cloudflare

    I've started transferring my domains to Cloudflare's domain registrar. They don't add mark-up on renewal prices so it often costs ~70% less of than what i'd pay elsewhere to renew my domain names.

  • Netlify

    I use netlify to host all of my static websites at the moment. It's wonderfully simple to use and the continuous deployment is a great feature. Whenever my GitHub repo updates, Netlify automatically re-deploys the site with the new changes.


  • Freetrade

    Commission-free investing in stocks and ETFs, right from your phone.